K5T – Patience With Perfectionists

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Anxiety & perfectionism walk hand in hand.

A first person account

    My name is Aaron Kirby, and I’m the graphic designer and animator for this website. I’m here to give my first hand account of growing up as a gifted and anxious child.

Erasers & fingernails

    Anxiety and perfectionism often walk hand in hand. Swinging between them, legs off the ground, is my younger self, reluctantly dragged along for the ride. There’s never been a time in my life where I haven’t voraciously chewed my fingernails (and never for nutritional value, mind you), nor have I ever had a pencil eraser that’s lasted more than a few precious days.

In retrospect

    My parents playfully remind me I drove AT LEAST a few of my elementary school teachers into early retirement, due to my relentlessness. With that said, it’s only in retrospect that I’m able to fully appreciate the patience of my teachers (and family, of course) and their ability to help channel my drive/energy into challenging and creative learning experiences. Similarly, I encourage every educator/parent to give the gift of patience and encouragement to your high-strung learners. If not for that, my lifelong passion for learning and education would never have been fully nourished, and I’m deeply grateful it was. Also, I have nothing but the highest regard for all the erasers who bravely gave their lives for my cause… may flights of angels sing thee to thy rest.

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