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In the fast-paced and constantly evolving world we live in, we frequently come across unpredictable situations that can influence our children’s education. There might be instances where you find yourself unexpectedly assuming the responsibility of homeschooling your exceptionally talented child or seeking additional ways to enhance their learning due to disruptions in the conventional classroom environment. It is totally natural to feel overwhelmed, but please take heart – you are not alone. If you’re looking for challenging, fun, and interactive lessons developed by a certified professional and lifelong educator, the K5 Gifted Academy is for you. We will be there every step of the way to help support your child’s journey. Please note, while we are here to help supplement your child’s education, we are NOT here to replace it as their sole classroom instruction. What our lessons do aim to do is bolster your child’s growth as a fun, dynamic, and animated virtual tutor.

Our Online Lessons Aim To Help You:

Linda Kirby — Our Main Brain, MEd & MS.
Our lessons ensure your child isn’t just memorizing facts; the goal is total conceptual understanding. Our lessons will give you a clear look at whether they have fully grasped the material or not. And if not, no worries – you now know what still needs practice!
Your little one is likely already ahead of his or her peers, but you can push those considerable skills even further by expanding their reading, writing, math, listening, speaking, social-emotional, and critical thinking abilities. We take a rigorous interdisciplinary approach to help generate dynamic academic success.
Is your child meeting and exceeding benchmarks in every subject? Maybe, but maybe not; odds are they still need specialized attention on certain skillsets. And that’s ok! Our materials will help reveal the areas where your child has the opportunity to further their personal academic development.
Challenging your little one is a great thing, but knowing what challenges they are ready for is a different matter altogether. Though our materials are rigorous, everything is achievable for each age group. This helps you and your child reach achievable benchmarks, and (hopefully!) keeps frustration and burnout at a minimum.
Studies show that children who are able to develop the highest levels of resiliency are most likely to succeed. Learning how to self-motivate despite difficulties is critical to your gifted child’s long term success. 

What do the academy Lessons include?

(We're so glad you asked!)

Our lessons provide you and your gifted child  access to our cornerstone library, featuring virtual whiteboard lessons, online quizzes, printable worksheets, and original animations. With new content constantly being added, the learning never has to stop! Our materials will not only engage your child in a fun and informative way, but it will also allow you to hone their academic acumen using national gifted programming standards.
Access proven methodologies, resources, and animations designed to captivate you and your gifted child, while simultaneously developing the growth mindset and resilient attitude required for achieving academic success, college and career readiness, and social-emotional development.Our classroom tested lessons combine reading, writing, math, science, listening, reasoning, and social-emotional learning. Not only that, but our lessons are built around common themes or narrative adventures! So, instead of advanced learning feeling like a chore, it becomes a riveting challenge!Plus, our lessons are built using the same state of the art learning management system used by major academic institutions, including the University of Florida, the University of Michigan, and the University of Washington. We want to provide the best tools possible to help engage and develop your gifted child.
Ok, maybe you won’t be able to stop the hands of time altogether, but you will be able to start and stop your virtual lesson as much as you’d like during your monthly subscription period. That means you won’t have to adhere to any schedule, except the one that works best for you and your gifted child. And that’s what matters most to us: you and your child. Our lessons allow you to fit the learning to your schedule that works for your family. Whether it’s just a little at a time or if you’re diving into the deep end, you can work when it works best for you!

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What Teachers & Parents think about our resources

Used during my first year teaching 3rd grade, as a totally sleep-deprived new mom who hadn't always read ahead enough in this book for my guided reading group. So thankful for this resource when I needed an extra brain! Worth every penny!
Amy H.
Oh my goodness! These were so great! My kids were hooked.
Hailey T.
I used these to provide enrichment math homework for some of my students and they loved them! I loved how it combined reading and math. 🙂
Crystal S.
I used this for table warm ups in math lessons and it generated good problem-solving conversation. I really like the organization - makes it easy to use a few at a time and go more in-depth.
Valerie B.
These are great, multiple step, grade level appropriate word problems. We've done a few, and they are so engaging, I plan on making every Friday problem solving day. The students work in partners with manipulatives to work out their thinking before they create a drawing and number sentences to match. I love allowing them that struggle, discussion time where I can wander around and listen in to their thinking. At the end, they present their strategies and solutions orally, with each student having to contribute, which is an excellent bridge for English Language Learners. Thank you!
Deborah D.
Thank you! I needed something to challenge my students and I like that they have to be thoughtful about the way they solve and explain the problems. Perfect!
Laura C.
This is a clever and fun resource that is keeping my higher kids challenged! Thanks so much!
Craig A.
This is an excellent resource. Highly engaging. I used it with my student's distant learning end of the year activity. My students were very excited and engaged in this amazing activity. I am very excited to begin this next school year with this resource.
Heidi H.
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