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K5 Gifted Academy exists because gifted children have unique needs related to their social, emotional, and academic development. We are devoted to supporting gifted children and their families, who need the tools and resources to stay on the cutting edge. Our learning methods are focused on conceptual understanding and practical engagement. 
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    I’ve been an educator and counselor for more than 35 years, and I absolutely love teaching and working with children. My passion is creating engaging techniques and curriculum to meet the needs of every learner. My curriculum and strategies are designed to fascinate, engage, and grow the developing mind, while allowing students to enjoy the learning process as they continue through their education, careers, and lives.     My husband of over 40 years and I have proudly raised a son with autism and a highly gifted son, who are both wonderful adult men. As a parent and teacher, I have experienced first-hand the challenges and blessings of raising children. My counseling background has also provided me the ability to effectively cultivate the social and emotional growth of young learners, as this is key to a well-rounded adolescent development.     Across more than three decades, my experience includes: Gifted Education, Classroom (K-5th), Special Education, ESL, Math & ELA Trainer, Elementary & Middle School Counselor, and teaching a self-contained highly gifted elementary class. I’ve helped my schools earn Blue Ribbon distinction and am a multiple time Teacher of the Year recipient. I hold Master’s Degrees in Counseling and Educational Administration, as well as Bachelor’s Degrees in Elementary and Special Education. Additionally, I have state certifications in: Gifted (K-High School), Elementary Education (K-6th), Counselor (all grades), Educational Diagnostician (all grades), Special Education (all grades), Special Education Counselor (all grades), and English Language Learners (all grades).     Over the years, I’ve presented at numerous state gifted conferences, and recently I had the honor of presenting at the 23rd Biennial World Council for Gifted and Talented Children (WCGTC) Conference, where educators from across the globe came together to share experiences and best practices. In 2019 I was recognized as Teacher of the Year by the Tennessee Association for the Gifted (TAG) for my work with gifted and talented students. It is one of the greatest honors of my career.     Truly, everything I do is in service of developing children’s vibrant hearts and minds.
Linda Kirby — K5 Gifted, MEd & MS.
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